We are pleased to announce that the Prior Group has entered into a partnership with the company Libra Techcon Limited. The multinational, founded in 1993, is a multidisciplinary engineering firm with offices in Mumbai, the UK and Saudi Arabia. With more than 30 years of experience in project execution and technical excellence, Libra offers certain downstream technologies for methanol and ethanol, together with specialized services.
The agency offers its services in various sectors such as specialty chemicals, flavourings, flavours and fragrances, oil and gas and petrochemical engineering solutions for customers in India, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Spain, Italy, China, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UK. For further details see Libra Techcon Limited at www.libratechcon.com.
The collaboration offers Prior Group the opportunity to carry out (larger) engineering assignments for an attractive price. Are you interested in the possibilities or do you want to know more about our cooperation and services? Please contact Bram van Stel via +31(0)118 674 074 or by mail bvs@priorgroup.nl.