Prior Group has agreed to establish a strategic partnership with Venvulas BV. Venvulas specializes itself in supplying welding machines and accessories of any kind. The enterprise has machines at its disposal which it acquired through its sister company Theunissen Lastechniek BV. The machines are sold or rented depending of the client´s liking via Venvulas. In this strategic alliance, the Prior Group supplies qualified welders which can be leased alongside welding machinery provided by Venvulas. The advantages are:

  1. the welder is already familiar with the welding machine which allows him to deliver a high quality end product rather quickly;
  2. the logistics, delivery and return, of the machinery is taken care of by Prior/Venvulas;
  3. the burden of maintenance and eventual reparations are taken away from the client;
  4. a fast replacement or change of machinery can be executed in chase of an alteration of the project or welding procedure.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, we also supply our clients with welding expertise in the form of a welding coordinator / inspector. If you wish to know more about our joint services, please contact Mr. Hans van de Ven of Venvulas via +31 (0)736 560 821, or Mr. Bram van Stel of the Prior Group via +31 (0)118 674 074.