To strengthen its activities and those of its sister companies in the Offshore Wind sector, Prior Group has become a member of the platform “Energy Port Zeeland”.

Energy Port Zeeland was created in order to stimulate mutual encounters, enhance knowledge of the sector and make the province of Zeeland known as a main location of offshore wind.

The creation of the platform furthermore aims to establish a profound collaboration between the government, educational institutions and businesses. Some of the important matters are: Education & Labour Market, Investigation & Innovation, Profiling & Communication and Business & Business Development. The chances of Zeeland being able to reap the benefits of the ever-growing offshore wind sector, are augmented by the collaboration.

The fact that within the Energy Port Zeeland specific issues are tackled jointly creates a win-win situation for all its members; both on the demand as on the supply side of the market. Apart from Zeeland Seaports, some of the participants are The Provincial Government of Zeeland, ROC Scalda, HZ University of Applied Sciences, Huis van de Techniek, Zeeuwind, Delta and Eneco.

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